img_0011From The Bottom Up!™

Some women believe the outfit completes the shoe. Some women choose to shop for their dress, their shirt, their jacket, or their pants first. Some women dress from the top down.

We are not them.

We believe shoe first, and then we let the rest fall into place. We believe everything should be done From The Bottom Up!™

From The Bottom Up!™ is a destination for the shoe-lover to live, laugh and yes even cry over an awe-inspiring pair of shoes. Get inspired, play dress-up, find the latest in lust worthy soles, but most of all be encouraged to step out and walk pretty!

About the Creator

Cieja S. Springer is a shoe-maven from Harlem, New York. Her love for shoes began as a tot when she would peruse her mother’s closet grabbing every pair of patent leather pumps she could find. Whether she was playing teacher, model, mom or Barbie, naked or clothed, her shoes were always on! Cieja’s love for shoes was immanent and would only grow over time. As she matured, she realized that her feet never failed her. She loves to dress, but as we have all experienced, your body will quickly turn on you. Ahhh, but the feet, the feet rarely ever change. From that ‘aha’ moment, her love for footwear continued to evolve.

As an adult, her appreciation for shoes continues to grow. She revels at design, gawks at details and gasp for air when she walks into a shoe sale. She owns at least 100 pairs and continues to add to her collection. Cieja created From The Bottom Up! to highlight and pay homage to the shoe. Yes we all love a good bag. And we all love a great outfit, but none of it would be complete without the perfect pair of shoes. Feet don’t fail us now!

Cieja S. Springer is a proud graduate of Howard University. She has a degree in Advertising/Fashion Merchandising and has spent 10+ years in the marketing industry with a focus on beauty and fashion.

The motto: Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world. 

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