This is Michael Conley. This is part I of his The Gud Foot feature because Michael’s obsession and collection could not be contained. With over 200 pairs of kicks to boot, its critical that we take this pony out to ride once again, but until then we’re going to bask in the now. Growing up in Indiana, Mr. Conley knew he had a passion for fashion at a very young age and footwear took the cake. His first job at Finish Line helped to shape and mold his collection and started him on the path of becoming a true Sneakerhead. For Mr. Conley, sneakers have always been a way to showcase self-expression. Whether he was relating to his favorite athletes or joining in on trend moments ala the Air Force 1 movement, his love for kicks is real.

This passion has now come full circle as he’s currently living the dream at Nike as a Strategic Planner. Well how the hell did that happen? Welp consistency + work ethic + faith = dreams come true. LOL but seriously, after graduating from Indiana University and successfully completing a 2 year stint at Target, MC received the call we all wait for. The one call that will for us, make or break any career situation. Once he received the call, he put his everything and all into his interview process and needless to say he got the job. Career wise, this is it; its his dream; he’s at his pinnacle, but he also has only just begun.

As a Strategic Planner, MC supports some of the largest North American retail accounts. He tracks consumer trends, recommends how locations should be merchandised and more. He loves being able to mix passion with career. In his spare time, Mr. Conley loves to travel and has been to Paris, London, all throughout the United States and is ready to go wherever a plane can take him. In the meantime, he fully enjoys his time in New York City, wants to get more involved in the village of Harlem to which he now calls home and would like to give back to the community. He and his family are very close and at the end of it all, he wants to make them proud, and most importantly his Momma!

Here’s to helping you get started on that….

TGF: Why does good footwear matter?

MC: Because you’re expressing yourself. Its one of the things that most people pay attention to first. It says a lot about you and your personality and sense of style. It’s a way to not conform to the norm.

TGF: Pursuing your passion is like ….

MC: It’s a given. I wake up in the morning and think about what I want to do and live in that. I just do it {no pun intended}.

TGF: What influences your style? 

MC: I look to a lot of celebrities as far as style is concerned, but my top three are Kanye, Russell Westbrook, and Odell Beckham. I check out magazines and my neighborhood. Sometimes I just want to take a risk. But living in such a great place like NYC you see people wearing things that you would have never thought to put together. I try to define my own style, but I’m not afraid to push boundaries, like playing with colors. I’m pretty brand loyal and I know what works for me.

TGF: If you could meet one person past or present who would it be?

MC: Michael Jordan. We’ve been in the same venue, but I have not been able to shake his hand.

TGF: Define a Sneakerhead…

MC: Its not just about collecting, but the story they {sneakers} tell. They create a bridge between you and various moments in your life. There’s an experience aligned with your purchase, with your collection. Like the kicks Jordan rocked during the ‘flu game.’ I can remember the first pair of shoes my mother ever purchased for me. There are levels to this. I have shoes that I don’t wear. One to rock and one to stock.

TGF: Your look can be defined as….

MC: Trend relevant. At work they refer to me as Kanye lol because of the materials I choose to wear, rips in my shirts, monochromatic looks, all black etc.

TGF: What was your most memorable footwear purchased? 

MC: Red Jordan 11’s. They’re so close to me and so iconic. They changed and shifted the mentality of sneakerheads – at least in my opinion.

The Gud Foot is like…. a pair of deadstock shoes {TGF: what does that mean?} Unworn, pristine and in perfect condition, just like you bought em. 


Maxed out…

Every option is a good option…

Just throw it in the bag…

Gimme 2 pair…


So nice, I had to show ’em twice…

Keep up with Michael on IG @MichaelConley01


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