I always knew that Friday the 13th was my favorite day. For perspective, I turned 13 on Friday the 13th and had one of my most memorable birthdays. I like odd things and firmly believe that in order for you to be number one, well you have to be odd! But I digress. I started this off with Friday the 13th and here’s why, this Friday, May 13th Everlane will host the coolest experience in the city, Shoe Park, to try and buy their latest summer shoe collection.

Shoe Park, an interactive installation, will be located at 83 Wooster Street and last for 10 days ending on May 22nd. At Shoe Park, consumers will be required to remove their footwear at the entrance and try out the summer collection. The installation, set up as a mini obstacle course/playground, allows you to ‘test drive’ the shoes’ comfortability and ease. If you love ’em, you’ll leave with ’em that day.

I appreciate the brands foray into footwear – they’re approach and marketing tactic have been clever – after its successful launch and ascension into providing the best basics.

Since I’ll be heading up to Syracuse for my nephew graduation this weekend, I will miss the grand opening, but mutha will be sure to pump thru the following week and I simply can’t wait.

Footwear available for try on and purchase range from $98-$190.


P.S. Bags from the collection will also be on hand to test out.


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