Though I look like I am not having it {I was giving face hunty}, I was full of JOY yesterday as it was the first of many warm and sunny days to come. I didn’t want to get too excited and freeze my ass off in the evening so I layered up, grabber my trusty motorcycle jacket, opened up my new Yves Saint Laurent clogs, threw on my red socks for a pop of color and was on my merry way.

What I didn’t realize is that I was serving up some Mike J. for the gawds! It was fab if I dusse so myself. Welp kids be on the look out for more of my getups. I’m gonna try this ‘personal style’ blog thing out while I continue to bring you shoe-worthy news.

And lastly, we love the spring and summer. It’s always great and unbeatable energy in NYC.


See below on how to get the look!

The Look: MJ Babe

Location: NYC

Shoes: Hee-Hee. Fell madly in love with these YSL clogs. The detail is subtle, but still makes a statement. Steve Madden has a super cute pair here on-sale for $50

Socks: Ralph Lauren Dress Socks $9.99

Jeans: The GAP


Jacket: Vintage Schott Moto Jacket from Sara’s Closet. Get similar one here. Prices vary.

Turtleneck: Zara and I love Uniqlo’s too.

Bag: Marc Jacobs. Find similar styles at Nordstrom. Prices vary.

Dress: worn as vest BCBG. If you have time scour through Amazon! 


Till next time…scnarf 😉


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