British Fashion Blogger Emma Hill of EJStyle
British Fashion Blogger Emma Hill of EJStyle

Happy Friday lovas and more importantly HAPPY SUMMER! It’s almost been a full week since the summer solstice arrived and if you haven’t already started revamping your wardrobe then let me help you. Start with your footwear! Its the simplest, easiest and dare I say most chicest way to update your look. I’ve gathered the top summer shoe trends for you, both high and low, so half the work is done!

Here’s the list. Get ta shopping…



It never gets old. Year after year we embrace the gladiator and year after year designers reinvent the look. These Stuart Weitzman’s are a great option to consider for this style. Clean lines, classic look and feel, with the grommets and buckles adding a bit of edge – it doesn’t get any better than this. Price: $425


If that price point isn’t in your wheel house, check out these Brother Vellies gladiator style sandals in linen. I love the unique spin this up and coming brand added to an otherwise repetitive style. They get it! Price: $285



For all my plain jane dames out there looking for a little action, spruce up any outfit with an embellished flat. These intricately designed chaussures eliminate the need for you to think too much about your look. Throw on a white t-shirt, a denim skirt, shorts or jeans, slide your feet in these, grab a bag et voila! Fini! Jeffrey Campbell. Price: $135


I love the variety provided in the embellished arena. The jewel embellishment trend has been seen all over the runways and the streets. On everything from heels to boots to flats and slides like the Loeffler Randall’s above, I promise you just can’t go wrong. Price: $112 (pssstt they’re having a sale!)



The stacked heel has been making a come back since last fall and it has fully infiltrated the hottest summer shoe trend list. If you’re like me, in the summer I generally don’t wear heels. Quite frankly, its too damn hot to be sauntering down the street in 5 inch stilettos. Therefore, I have fully embraced the plateau moment summer shoes are having. These luscious Acne Studio heels available at Saks Fifth Avenue are on my list and should be on yours too! Price: $217 – hurry these babies are flying off the shelf.


I have yet to snag a pair of Schutz Shoes. These honestly may be my first. Love ’em. Period. Price: $240



Every designer made it a point to show the beachy side of things this season by updating the ever familiar espadrille. I’m not sure how in the world I missed this version of Valentino’s rainbow collection, but I found it for you guys! Available at Net-A-Porter ON SALE! Price: $382 – only a few sizes left!


You gotta love brands that are committed to the entire espadrille/flat/comfy movement. You absolutely cannot loose with a pair of Soludos. The color and style options alone are beyond limitless. I mean I had to do inny minny minni moe just to choose which pair I would showcase for the post. They come in lace-ups, slides, mesh, lace, leather, linen, denim, with buckles. Choices, choices ,choices. Price: $43 



Fringey, fringey, fringey. Another expression of embellishment, fringe can add spice to any look. Dress your casual look up or even stay ressed up, without heels. Here’s another great pair I missed somehow, but found for the post. SMH. You guys get all the goods from me! Rochas available at Net-A-Porter. Price: $425 BTW, I’ll take fringe however they come – the opening image for this post is of Aquazurra’s coveted Wild Thing sandals which I am still on the hunt for in my size!


So I’ve been told to you can never go wrong at Zara when it comes to their shoe collection. Though I haven’t given them a fair shot (check my post with Kéla Walker in Shoe Stories where I admit to this), I’m constantly impressed with their shoe scene. Price: $49.99 – SALE!



K. So anyone who knows me knows that sneakers were my first love, which I was I saved them for last. I’m a self-professed Tom Boy. On average, on any day of the week, you can catch me in my sneaks! And I have a collection to rival some of these fellas out here who think they’re really doing something. But I disgress. Stomp through the city or the burbs in these totally chic Sophia Webster high-tops. All the designers are getting hip to how many woman really love sneakers and more importantly sometimes just want to be comfortable! I support the movement. Price: $330


While you’re out there buying up all the designer sneakers, be sure to add some classics to the mix. You can’t go wrong with a multi-colored pair of New Balance. They add versatility to the wardrobe and can be worn with a dress just as easy as they can be donned with a pair of jeans! These bad boys can be found at Bergdorf Goodman and when Bergdorf’s starts selling mainstream kicks you know this is a serious matter in fashion! Price: $195

Now you should be ready to conquer the shoeniverse and prepare your summer looks. Just say thanks.

Ciao bellas.


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