“Ladies and gents your dopest host presents extravagance, in the ladies frame…” there is no better lyric out there to sum up how I feel about Crystal DeVone AKA DJ C. DeVone. Is it cliché to open up this post on a lyric because she’s a DJ? Maybe, but who gives a $hit! Crystal is one to watch. Her work ethic, her spirit, her unwavering faith, and her energy is contagious! This up and coming female DJ has been called on by the likes of Google, YouTube, Sunglass Hut, Revolt TV, Ginny’s Supper Club, Minton’s, Topshop, Victoria Secret, Sephora, Soul Cycle, Bebe to spin at their establishments and get the crowd jumpin’. I mean the list goes on and on.

From the moment we walked through the door, heads were boppin’ and bodies were shakin’ to this incredible mix that was playing – mix mastered by the DJ herself of course. I was super excited to take me and my camera on a trip to Brooklyn, yes its a trip for me on the weekends I live in HARLEM, to spend some much needed quality time with this beauty ANDDDDD to peruse through her shoe collection.

What I stumbled upon was a very well edited shoe closet complete with necessities: pumps, combat boots, wedges, studded booties, embellished treats et al. Like her personality and music choices, Crystal’s shoe life is very eclectic. You can find everything from Christian Louboutin to Jeffrey Campbell. Plain and printed. They’re fun, spunky and elegant. What a combination!  OK enough, delve in and enjoy.

Put your ideal outfit together, where do you start and what are you wearing?

I work backwards. I lead with a statement piece. The jacket I wore for the shoot, I actually wore it for the first time at ESSENCE Festival in New Orleans last year. I wanted people to be able to see me from the booth. I love a statement piece that really starts conversations. I’ll usually pair it with something simple. I also have this white crystal necklace that I wore one too many times {laughter} but it was a statement piece and just gave my outfits a kick.

Name your top fav shoe designers?

Christian Louboutin is my favorite. His shoes really shout women and femininity. But I love all shoes. My go-to on the weekends is a combat boot with a heel. It {my combat boots} has to have a heel and something sexy in the detail; something that’s sexier than just making a grungy statement. I love Jeffrey Campbell for that – he can make a combat boot, but add a heel and that will add the femininity to it. The heel makes you look slimmer {ME: as if you need to look any slimmer – laughter ensues} My personal style is bohemian chic. I’ll do a ripped jean and a fancy heel or a rose colored dressed and black lip. I have a girly girl personality, but I like a little edge.

Whose shoe closet would you love to raid?

I think Estelle has really really good taste. Anything Sex in the City – SJP. The most memorable shoe closet ever. You remember her crying over her Manolo’s and Jimmy Choo’s. A lot of Howard University women have great style {we both attended HU}. I always see them with the best outfits on. There are so many of them whose closets I would want to raid. {ME: WHO?} YOU!

Define your style in three words?

Statement. Edgy. Chic.

If your shoes could talk, what would they say?

I’m hurting. Your feet hurt. BAM.

So you’re a shoe, what’s your style?

I would be a shoe that could last for a really long time. Comfortable, feminine, sexy and cute and everyone loves it.

If there were a law passed that prohibited women from wearing heels, what would you do?  

Move to Jupiter {Laughter} Even if I DJ in sneakers I feel bad. I will never forget I went to a gig last minute and left ONE shoe at home. ONE SHOE! I had a full face of makeup, my outfit was done up and I had to DJ in Chucks. Though you couldn’t see me from the DJ booth, I knew and I felt self conscious about it. I felt short. It just wasn’t right.

Earth has become unlivable, everyone is going to another planet, and you can only bring a carry-on – what’s in it?

Ok lets see which carry-on I will bring. I only have Tumi luggage. I’d bring the one I can expand. It MUST have my laptop with all my music, my shoes, some basic clothes, my makeup and accessories. Simple elegant dresses or dresses from American Apparel. They look good, very nice and tight. You can wear it for a month and no one would even know. I’m going home if I can’t have these things. Listen, if I can put anything on the record, I went to the Tumi outlet and it was glorifying. It was the best ever {ME: who gets this excited about luggage??} Meeee!! I travel so much. When I find great luggage and expandable luggage at that, I’m excited because I can add more shoes. {ME: Oh I’m sold. I need to check out Tumi for luggage}

Flash Round

Black or White?  Black

Public Enemy or Eric B & Rakim? Oooh I’m from the BX, so I have to say Public Enemy, but I really want to say Eric B & Rakim because they’re the first song I ever spinned. So Eric B & Rakim {Mind you this is supposed to be a one word response LOL)

Fall or Summer? Summer

Step into her worllldddd…..


Coffee table treats….welcome home…


Studded out and extra…I know, I know, I’m Fucking FABULOUS…


Sky’s the limit…


Eat, Sleep, Create…


Piggy bank strut…


It’s a family affair…


New York, New York…


Just hold on we’re going home….


Be the change you wish to see…


Cold shoulder….


Way, way, up I feel blessed….


Epic weekend….


Straight sippin….


Go DJ, that’s my DJ…


Visions….Thank you God….


Two turntables and a mic….


All in a days work…

Stay tuned in to DJ C. DeVone’s world on Instagram and Twitter @DJCDEVONE and Soundcloud under the same moniker.

And for your summer listening pleasure, here’s a special treat – one of the dopest summer mixes yet Flirt and Frolic.



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