About a week ago {insert schmurda dance}, we sat down with the indelible women behind The Fashion Addicts™ brand, Chantell – now dubbed Eartha Kitt {you guys had to be there}, and Lolita Marie. This powerhouse and might I add statuesque sibling duo is a force to be reckoned with and poised to bring another level of flavor to the sometimes dry fashion industry. Creating their brand, The Fashion Addicts™ was no small feat, but they have handled it like the true G’s they are. Since their launch in late 2014/early 2015, they’ve garnered a huge cult following counting the badgyal herself Rihanna and Cara Delevingne as followers of their brand @thefashionaddicts. In addition, they recently launched a tongue and cheek extension of that brand entitled – Fashion Addicts Be Like {@fashionaddictsbelike}.

They’ve been able to acquire over 100 contracts with retailers and major fashion brands like Saks, Macy’s, Bloomingdales, and Alexander Wang to sell their inventory. Add another layer on top of that, these bad ass bawses curate their own fashion items, vintage items, and Fashion Addicts Be Like merchandise available for purchase on, andddddd they have a personal styling/consulting service – talk about one stop shop! Their love for fashion is innate, their grandmother is a seamstress and both of their parents have worked in retail for decades so creating their own fashion business was naturally the next step.

These sisters are so full of love, light, and blessings you can trust and believe they will become a household name – very soon. I could go on and on for days, but I’ll stop right there and let you get all the way into this feature – their collection is full of color and texture. Enjoy…

FTBUP!™: Put your ideal outfit together, where do you start and what are you wearing?

Eartha: Everything is in phases for me. Right now I’m in my lingerie phase. I’m into bedroom slippers and clear shoes, one piece bustiers, stripper lingerie {really Eartha} underneath my elegant gown/clothes. I start with lingerie and then build from there. I don’t know where I’m going to be next week, but right now this is where I’m at.

Lolita: I would start with my shoes first, but my perfect outfit. Child, I can’t even afford it. Its not even made yet! My perfect outfit is intangible. But it will include Chanel and Balmain. And diamonds.

FTBUP!™: Whose shoe closet would you love to raid?

The Fashion Addicts™: Rihanna. June Ambrose. Anna Della Russo. Carrie {Sex in the City}.  Mariah Carey.

FTBUP!™: Define your style in three words?

Eartha: Jewish. Stripper. Jamaican. {the entire room BURST into laughter} Don’t dumb yourself down. If you want to go to the supermarket in a prom dress and fur shoes go! Like are you really about that fashion life? Are you following The Fashion Addicts™?

Lolita: Sexy. Girly. Trendy.

FTBUP!™: If your shoes could talk, what would they say?

Eartha: Mommy’s a lot of fun {of course they would Ms. Kitt}.

Lolita: I love you {Eartha: They would not say I love you, They would say helllp}.

FTBUP!™: So you’re a shoe, what’s your style?

Eartha: I’m recently getting into 3 – 4 inch heels and classic styles. Shoes with fur {Lolita: Shoes with fur are classic?! Really?!}. 50’s chic. Marilyn Monroe.

Lolita: Anything with a bow that’s pretty and cute and girly.

FTBUP!™: If there were a law passed that prohibited women from wearing heels, what would you do?

The Fashion Addicts™: We’re moving. We’re going to live in Antigua. Bye Donald Trump.

FTBUP!™: Earth has become unlivable, everyone is going to another planet, and you can only bring a carry-on – what’s in it?

Eartha: I’m dead. By the time I finish figuring out what to put in the carry-on I’m dead.  I don’t check my shoes so I guess I’m going with my shoes and some fur and a muff {WHATT LMAO – Everyone present}.

Lolita: How big is this bag?!

FTBUP!™: What advice would you give to women looking to jumpstart their entrepreneurial endeavors?  

The Fashion Addicts™: Don’t wait! Time waits for no one. There’s always something that will prevent you from starting. You’ll go from saying “I want to have all my ducks in a row” or “I need to have this together first.” Just do it. Just start. Even if its a blog or recording your day to day or styling friends or whatever it is. Because if you don’t, you’re going to wake up and say wow I’m still at this 9 to 5. When we first started, we wanted to sell clothing, but didn’t have anyone to sell to so we started on social media. That blew up and everything else fell into place. If we wouldn’t have started, nothing would have happened. I recently read this quote that says “If you’re not already running towards the hoop, when God sends you the alley-oop, you can’t dunk it.” {Wow! That’s powerful} Just start and God will take it from there.

Flash Round {BTW they answered every question on this round in unison it was quite hilarious}…

Rihanna or Beyoncé? Both. Rihyoncé.

Sophia Webster or Charlotte Olympia? Charlotte Olympia

New York or Paris? Paris

Get into their collection….


This is light work…


Bedroom slippers + city slickers = Eartha Kitt Kit…


Racks on Racks…


You ain’t got on these Fc$Kin loubbieeessss…


Attention to detail…


Art of the heel…


Peek-a-boo boots…




J U S T . S A Y I N…


Ro-BUST..get like us…


Loubie + Gucci + Giuseppe + YSL + Marni + More… Oh My…


Come on ladies…


Its time to…


Get in…




The Fashion Addicts™


Check me out…


Plaid fad…


Riding around and getting it…


Classics just never go out of style…


I slay…

Keep up with these ladies on Instagram and Facebook @thefashionaddicts, on twitter @thefshnaddicts and most importantly shop the latest in designer fashion and style on their retail site 


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