We’re kicking-off our very first shoe stories installment with Metanoya Z. Webb, Founder + Creator of Globetrotting Stiletto. Metanoya is a Writer, Stylist, Innovator, and overall Fly girl who hails from Queens, NY with a dash of Harlem in her veins – (her mom was raised there and of course I’m biased). She is a bonafide shoe-addict who loves life and traverses the globe at the speed of sound – I’m talking everywhere from Costa Rica to Panama to Croatia to the Riveria Maya, she’s actually heading there today, and back! I had a chance to sit down with this wanderlust for a quick chat about shoes and deserted islands.

When putting your outfits together, what’s your starting point?

Nowadays, I’m more concerned with comfort. It also depends on what I have planned for the day whether it be meetings in the city or if I’m headed to the office. It wasn’t always like this – I will never forget when I lived in Queens, NY, I would walk all the way home from the 179th Street train station in my heels! Not stilettos, but wedges or platforms, all in the name of being cute or saying to myself “this will strengthen my legs.” I refused to compromise cute for comfort, but now that I’m older its comfort over cute!

Who is your favorite shoe designer?

I have narrow feet so shoe brands that look best on me are Jimmy Choo, Giuseppe Zanotti, Pierre Hardy and Stuart Weitzman. I really don’t have a favorite designer more so than I have a style/silhouette that I follow, which is slender. I like sophisticated, sexy, classic styles. Sometimes you don’t realize you have a particular aesthetic, but when you glance at your collection, you see that all the while you were gravitating towards something specific, something uniquely you.

Whose shoe closet would you love to raid?

Solange – I feel she actually buys her shoes. She’s wearing styles that are indicative of her, not something thats just been given to her, even if it has been given to her, she is the ultimate curator of her look.

Rihanna – She’s just fly and who doesn’t want to raid her closet! period.

Shiona Turini – Has a tight shoe game and a great eye for shoes.

Carine Roitfield– Her style is simply unpredictable so I know I’d be getting something that stands out from the crowd.

Define your style in three words?

Busy busy busy – ha laughter ensues – no if I had to say, it would be City Island Girl. My sister always says all of my shoes are Jamaican; they either have studs or cut-outs, they’re leopard print, even my simple shoes have some pizazz to it. My culture has a real influence on my style choices.

What do you believe your shoes say about you?

I invest in quality. I made the decision to purchase expensive shoes a long time ago. High School was my first introduction into shoe investments. I don’t buy trends. My favorite pair of shoes have to be at least 8 years old, but I would still rock them with confidence and swagger because they are classics. I want shoes that can be woven into my wardrobe indefinitely!

If you were a shoe what style would you be and why?

Ha, great question. Puma or Classic pair of Samba Adidas with the gum bottom. They’re slender, comfortable and can be dressed up or down. I’d wear them with a dress or to a fancy ball or fete. Unlike heels, which cannot always be seamlessly incorporated into your look, sneakers just go with any and everything!

If you were stranded on an island, what three things must be with you?

Lipstick, Conditioner and Condoms! (burst of laughter)

FLASH ROUND: Lipstick or Mascara? Both Blush or Eyeshadow? Blush Idris or Denzel? Idris

Here’s a peak inside her closet…


Chanel Buckle Heels (2007)

Get the look: Jimmy Choo ‘Booster’ Sandal $525


Sophia Webster Sandals

Get the look: Nine West Gonesporty Sandal $89


Vince Stacked Heel Sling Back Booties

Get the look: Kenneth Cole Otto Waxed Suede Bootie $225


You are loved….


Nine West Cowboy Boots “I refuse to throw these out”

Get the look: Boot Barn $130-$500+


Jimmy Choo and Pierre Hardy Sandals 

Get the look: Miu Miu Leopard Print Mules $790, DVF Buckle Leopard Print Pumps $350 and J.Crew Callie Heels $199


Alexandre Birman Pumps “Even my plain shoes have some ‘thing’ going on”

Get the look: Sergio Rossi Metallic Patent Leather Pump $299


Prints on prints. Jimmy Choo Sandals


High Maintenance…Bitch 


Giuseppe Zanotti Sandals and Loeffer Randall Sneakers

Get the look: Have the Giuseppe’s featured in this image – they are currently on sale at Barney’s Warehouse $349 and Tory Burch Marin High Tops $225


The Jewelry edit: Tiffany’s and Chanel…


Perspective…Giuseppe Zanotti Open Toe Ankle Sandal Booties

Get the look: Top Shop Raff Metal Toe Sandals $110


Keep up with Metanoya Z. Webb on her luscious travel and style site, Globetrotting Stiletto.



  1. September 14, 2014

    I really love the shots with the printed pants/Choos close up, the stone colored Zanotti pair in the window, and the bucket bag w. Choo and Hardy. Lots of high-octane heels!

    • September 15, 2014
      cieja springer

      THANK YOU!


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