Credit: Zimbio
Credit: Zimbio

Hey lovas, I have some shoetastic news to share with you this evening. Modern day milliner Eugenia Kim, has launched an eponymous 7 collection shoe line for the Fall 2014 season. No stranger to the audaciousness of accessories, Kim’s line was inspired by the rocktastic era of the 70’s, style icons like David Bowie, and surrealism amongst other things. The collection is the epitome of chic with a splash of fun and I’m loving every minute of it.

I can’t wait to get my hands on what I’m calling furry fun – a pair of flats and pair of ankle strap pumps (check my obsession post) with a burst of fuzzy-wuzzy fur material on the front of the shoe.

Here are my top picks from the collection. You can visit for purchase.


She is called Babs and I love her.

She is called Daria and I love her even more. She’s also available in a metallic rose gold.


She is called Lou and she’s absolutely perfect for those crisp fall days. psstt…she features a rose gold and pear heel spur #jadore.

P.S. Eugenia Kim’s hats and hair accessories are divine, she became uber popular after her infamous cat ear hats. I own her summer version of her Joey Cap. Here’s a sneak peak of the next hat on my hit list (but in all honesty I just love and want them ALLL…yes tout suite!


Bette Hat – Barneys exclusive. Price tag: $440


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