Lets get straight into it gyals with the latest fall beauty trends. Yes, we’ve been talking a lot about Fall here on From The Bottom Up! But remember this is our FAVORITE season and we’re totally BIASED because…well we can be. period!

Happy Friday…

Luxe Lashes

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This seems to be a never-ending trend of course. The eyes never lie and since its usually the first thing people see, you want them to pop. Create the perfect lashes for fluttering with these great picks:

Natural Beauty 


Clean faces and even cleaner nails could be seen on all runways for fall. Stepping out with barely their makeup will be the thing this season. I am welcoming the change and the challenge. Lets see how many times a week I can make it out the house without a pop of color on my pout. Get the look with these fab finds:

Badaboom BadaBANG


The hair for the season is simple, easy and chic. The always fabulous bang is back with a vengence and I absolutely cannot wait to indulge. In my opinion is the most underrated hairstyle. Achieve sleek bang perfection with these items:

Braid Raid


The braid was seen all over the runways in various iterations with everything from braided ponytails to the infamous braid crown. I love this style, especially when its wash time. It works with wet or dry hair and can add personality to your locks! Get braid happy with these items:

  • As I Am Coconut Cowash hands down the BEST co-wash you will ever use in your life gets rid of buildup and oil residue for crisp, clean strands and braid perfection $8
  • Salerm Leave In Conditioner adds moisture, protection and protein to the hair $10-$12
  • Optimum Amla Legend drops infused with Amla oil for healthy hair and growth promotion $9

Click product names for purchase.

Ciao bellas and enjoy the weekend.


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