Hey lovas, I know you’ve all been waiting with baited breathe for the next installment of Shoe Stories, but the wait is over! Kicking-off fall with a ‘stomp and shout’ worthy collection of chaussures, is Danielle K. Stewart now Mrs. Jackson of personal style and shopping site Dani-DK. Danielle, affectionately called Dani or DK by her closest friends, gained her style chops living and studying abroad in London, working as Executive Assistant to none other than Queen Bey, spearheading fashion marketing campaigns at WWD, leading marketing plans and initiatives for Rachel Roy and now serving as an integral member on the marketing team at Marc FisherSigerson Morrison anyone? And that doesn’t even scratch the surface!

Describing herself as a “Big haired, shoe lover,” Danielle began profiling her love of style and shoes four years ago. She is a tomboy at heart who has the tom-lady-chic {yes I just made that up, so i’ll be looking for my credit} look down pat.

Her ever flowing shoe collection is versatile, functional (for the well-heeled) and classy. There were so many yummy options to choose from I thought I was in shoe-heaven. I’m talking Casadei to Louboutin to Manolo to Nike, this shoe maven has it all. I sat down with Ms. DK to talk shoes and deserted islands and here is what I discovered….

When putting your outfits together, where do you start?

From The Bottom Up! It’s very apropos to your website, but I start with the shoe. It’s the most important piece of the outfit, the item people’s eyes gravitate towards and usually the most expensive item you’re wearing – at least for me its always the most expensive item I’m wearing.

Name your top five fav shoe designers?

Oooooo that’s tough. I would have to say Isabel Marant – I’m working on owning a pair – Manolo Blahnik, Nicholas Kirkwood, YSL {that’s 4 right – continues with hmmm} and maybeee Nike. I have to pay homage to my tomboy roots.

Whose shoe closet would you love to raid?

{starts with another Ooooooooo) Kim Kardashian. She’s slaying every day. Every. Single. Damn. Day.

Define your style in three words?

Effortless, colorful and unique.

If your shoes could talk, what would they say?

Why do you wear us for such long periods of time. {laughter erupts}

So you’re a shoe, what’s your style?

Nothing less than 4 inches, inclusive of sneakers, and they would have to be unique in design with lots of color.

What do your shoes mean to you?

My shoes mean a variety of things to me.  They are a source of creativity, strength, and confidence.

Creativity – It’s purchasing a shoe that isn’t the conventional color or height or structure and feeling secure in not only my choice but, in that the opinions of others don’t matter – good bad of indifferent.

Strength – Despite what your pediatrist says about heel height, an undeniable benefit is that it gives you great posture – no slouching here just strut with your shoulders back and head held high.

Confidence – I’m an undeniable tall girl at 5’11” and with even the shortest heels on I’m at least 6′.  Heels give me confidence even when I’m towering over an entire crowd. It’s more than “hey look at me,” it’s about I don’t give a SH*T, I’m going to kill it and walk around without a care.

If you were stranded on an island, what three things must be with you?

DK: Am I supposed to be practical? Me: No. OK so if I’m not being practical, my entire shoe collection has to be with me – all of them. I would bring blister block bandaids and I guess water to keep me hydrated. {more laughter at “I guess water”}


Lipstick or Mascara? Mascara

Clutch or Shoulder Bag? Shoulder Bag

Beyonce or Rihanna? Emphatically states Uhhh the Queen Bey and after a long pause…noooo wait! Oohhhhh this a tough one. So here we go, for perfect hair and fan action EVERYDAY we’ll go with Queen Bey. For versatility in style and uniqueness, as I believe I have, I’ll have to go with Rih Rih.

Here’s a peek inside her closet…which had so many great options I’ve complied an image gallery AND posted some individual shots for your shoe pleasure. Jouir….


Guess who’s coming to dinner? Rachel, Proenza, Sigerson, Manolo, Loeffler and Chloe dahling.


Peep this high-octane gallery – click the images. Trust me this collection is simply to die for!  

Some brands featured: Proenza Schouler, Sam Edelman, Casadei, Chloe, Manolo Blahnik, Rachel Roy, BCBG Generation, Nike, Miu MiuSigerson Morrison and more. 

Click on brand names to find shoes you’ll love by these awesome designers.

Happy Shoepping.


Ragtime fly. Sigerson Morrison Heeled Saddle Shoe.

Own these: Sigerson Morrison Gisa2 $475


Drunk in love. Rachel Roy and Chloe.


Pardon My Swag…YSL and Christian Louboutin. 

Ladies, you know where to find YSL’s and Loubs! Get ta shopping.

Here’s a hint: Bergdorf Goodman 


Mule over. Sigerson Morrison Mules and Rachel Roy Satchel.

Want ’em? Get ’em? Sigerson Morrison Mules Verity $425


Life is indeed BEAUTIFUL.

To keep up with Danielle, tune in to her personal style and shopping site Dani-DK.


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