Hey lovas we’re back with another installment of Shoe Stories and this time, we sat down with Dana B. Johnson, Co-Founder of DoBrasil, Marketing Extraordinaire, Talk Show Host, sometime break out in the middle of the sidewalk dance poser (Dana started dancing at the age of 3) and all around superstar! Dana is a lover of fashion, style and eclecticism. Not one to put herself in a box, Dana has traversed the globe – she literally just got back from Copenhagen – and embraces her free spirit. She’s held stints everywhere from A&E TV to VOGUE Magazine, has served as Red Carpet host at ESSENCE Festival and even interviewed mama Jimmy Choo aka Tamara Mellon.

Dana hails from Alexandria, Louisiana and is quite possibly one of the funniest people I know. Her energy is so intense you have no choice but to feel alive when she’s in the room.  With a personality that can be seen through a brick wall, you’d have to imagine that her closet is full of loads of fun – and it is. From plaid capes to tutus to checkered leather skirts and spiked heels. From Aldo to Prada to Jimmy Choo, Dana’s closet is a genuine reflection of self; if she loves it she buys it.

Here’s what she had to say about shoes and more….

Put your ideal outfit together, where do you start and what are you wearing?

I start with whether or not I’m having a fat day or skinny day (I completely roll my eyes she’s about a good 2!) to decide if I’m going tight or loose, but it really starts with my hair (she has a Caesar btw!). If I need a haircut then I feel like I need to be more polished from the neck down. If I have a fresh haircut I can be more lenient, I feel more fierce. My perfect outfit would start with a really great super fitted pair of jeans to make my butt look like Serena Williams (I literally burst into laughter), a simple top probably black and a sky high pair of shoes paired with a great lip! That’s the outfit I would feel best in.

Name your top 5 fav shoe designers?

*Gasp* I don’t even know if I have a top 5. I love Jimmy Choo because I got to interview Tamara Mellon when I was at VOGUE. It was Jimmy Choo’s 15th anniversary and I loved her spirit. I love a good stomping boot like a Timberland – you may find yourself in a situation I don’t know, I’m just saying. I like Brian Atwood quite a bit. I like Christian Louboutin, but he’s not necessarily my top 5. I thoroughly enjoy Nicholas Kirkwood. Overall I’m attracted to shoes with a unique point of view. Each shoe speaks to me differently. I own everything from Aldo to Prada and half the time I forget what shoes I have until I remember how they make me feel and then I say oh I can wear this today. Its kinda weird, but whatevs.

Whose shoe closet would you love to raid?

*HUGE Gasp* June Ambrose because she appreciates a sky high heel and a really sexy oxford. She’s really playful in spirit so she has an entire range of shoes for any occasion or moment. I love her spirit and point of view and I would definitely want her closet ASAP Rocky.

Define your style in three words?

Quirky. DJ: How do you say in one word if you look at the way I dress you can tell how I’m feeling? – ME: Emotional DJ: Yes emotional and MINE.

If your shoes could talk, what would they say?

“Owwww stop walking” – cause ill wear the same pair of high heels when I leave the house in the morning at 7:30 or whatever time it is. I’ll stay in my shoes all day. I don’t carry flip flops, in fact I don’t even own a pair of flip flops! I don’t carry flats in my bag – I’m NOT that girl – I want to stomp all day. And yes, sometimes my feet do hurt and sometimes I do make trips to  Dr. Scholls at Duane reed, but they’re gonna say “oww stop walking” because I will WALK in my shoes.

So you’re a shoe, what’s your style?

If I were a shoe I would be a reallllyyy high heel. Not stiletto and not round, but just in the middle. In addition, I would be a mood shoe that changed color based on how I feel. They’d make me look tall and they won’t give me bunions.

How important is it to have a great pair of shoes?

I think its important to have great shoes, a great coat, and a great bag. I don’t think you should spend a lot of money on trendy things.  Spend a lot of money on a pair of black classic pumps, nude pumps or oxfords. Not on the neon shimmy-shimmy fringe boots. Its nothing wrong with a neon shimmy shimmy, but you won’t get the wear out of your investment. If you invest in shoes take care of them. Take them to the shoe maker, get them resoled, get the heels fixed et al. You’ll be happy inside.

If you were stranded on an island, what three things must be with you?

UHH WINE! Or Crown Royal, pictures of my family and music. I love to dance. I think that if I were alone I could dance through that.

ME: It’s time for the Flash Round – DJ: I ain’t never scared

Glossy or Matte? Matte

Backpack or Bucket bag? Bucket

Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt? Brad Pitt and I say that with base and here’s why. Along with aging really well and not going through the scary pirate phase (LOL), he’s done a lot for the rebuilding efforts of New Orleans Louisiana (my home state).

P.S. This interview was so funny, I may post an excerpt to the site later in the week.

Have a peek into Dana’s closet….


Pins & Needles Cape. DSW Shoe find. 


GAP hot pink moto jacket and Zara Sandals. 


Vintage Red Pump. Aldo Pump. Patricia Field Clutch. Jimmy Choo Sandals. Aldo Sandals. 


Homage to self. 


United we stand. United Nude Mid-Heel Pump…


Mantel piece. Great for a rainy day. Trench Cape: ASOS. 


Forward march. 


Steps forward. From top clock-wise: Jeffrey Campbell. Jessica Simpson. Chinese Laundry. Vintage. ALDO Julian Louie collection


Smile. Stuart Weitzman Nude Pumps. 


Hanging out. Studded bag. Chanel Booties. LAMB Booties. ALDO Booties. French Connection Fedora. 


Can I get a window seat? Retro Air Jordans. 


Vintage multi-colored leather skirt. Jessica Simpson Platforms. Vintage Derek Lam leather shorts. 


All in together now. 


Heirlooms and travels.


Kicks on Fire. Melody Ehsani for Reebok. 


Two C’s. Chanel.


Heading out.


Fierce kitty. ‘2PAC back skully’ with veil Nasty Gal

Keep up with Dana on where she host “7 Things We’re Talking About.”  And while you’re at it, don’t forget to shop DoBrasil.

Until next time guys & gyals…ciao


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